I am a designer who graduated from the Graphic Design program at Red River College in 2009. Before and during school I kept up a fairly steady flow of freelance work, consisting mostly of show posters, flyers and brochures.

After completing the two year Graphic Design program at Red River College, I landed a job at Spacecadet Design where I had spent some time during work placement. A couple of months later I was hired at the branding/strategy firm Clark + Huot. During my first two years there, I developed skills in numerous disciplines. This including branding/rebranding, identity design, advertising campaigns (both print and web), audio production, video editing, project management, client relations, print design, prepress, web design, and social media.

I went through many changes with Clark + Huot, from helping open a studio in New York, merging with Cocoon Branding and Velocity Branding in 2012 (creating ClarkHuot/Cocoon), to becoming Creative Director at Vantage Studios & Print Shop, following its acquisition by ClarkHuot/ at the beginning of 2013. During this time, I gained valuable knowledge, experience, and perspective on the design, branding, and advertising industries. In the summer of 2013, I left Vantage Studios & Print Shop in order to focus on building a design practice of my own.

In addition to my career, I enjoy playing and writing music, watching movies, collecting and listening to records, playing board games, screen printing, and seeing live music.